Vorici Calculator | Vorici Chromatic Calculator

The Vorici Calculator is an indispensable tool within the Path of Exile (POE) gaming community, empowers players to navigate the intricacies of chromatic alterations on their armor and weaponry using Chromatic Orbs.

These orbs serve as conduits for altering socket colors on items, a pivotal aspect as it dictates the compatibility of gems. Ensuring alignment between socket colors and gem requirements is crucial for optimal gameplay.

Total Sockets
Desired Colors

Craft Type Average Cost
(in chromatics)
Success Chance Average Attempts
Cost per Try
(in chromatics)
Std. Deviation
(of attempts)

Here is a summary table of the formulas used for different types of items with varying color requirements:

Item Type On-Color Formula Off-Color Formula
Mono-Requirement 0.9 * (R + 10) / (R + 20) 0.05 + 4.5 / (R + 20)
Dual-Requirement 0.9 * R1 / (R1 + R2) 10% flat chance

Explanation of words:

  • R: Represents the required primary color count for the item.
  • R1, R2: Denote the primary color counts needed for the two components of the item, respectively.

Kindly note that the figures presented in the table have undergone meticulous rounding, ensuring precision up to the second decimal point.

We uphold this standard to foster clarity and accuracy in our calculations, underscoring our commitment to delivering insightful and reliable information.

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